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Mini Basque cheesecakes

Think of this as a baked-cheese-lava-cake hybrid. Dense and creamy on the outside, light and mousse-y through the centre. I ate a slice of La Viña’s cheesecake in the Basque town of San Sebastian every evening on our honeymoon many moons ago, and can still remember the surprisingly accommodating dessert stomachs it unlocked within us […]

Potato vareniki (dumplings)

Vareniki are Ukraine’s answer to pierogi or ravioli – shaped into half-moons rather than squares, as a talisman for a good harvest. You can have a whack at making your own using leftover mashed potatoes, seasoned and spiced with white pepper, wrapped in a classic dumpling dough. But this version takes a shortcut with frozen […]

Golden syrup dumplings

This is a simpler, baked golden syrup dumpling, where you don’t need to fuss around watching them burble around on the stove. The tops are biscuity and buttery, while the bottoms are puddingy and full of spiced, ginger flavour – perfect for blustery weather. Another good way of using up the golden syrup from your […]

Broccoli and spinach gnocchi

This is a fun way of jazzing up the packet gnocchi in your pantry or fridge. The sauce is loaded up with veg, and can be played with too, using up whatever’s in your crisper, and whatever dairy’s coming to best before.

Vegetable dumplings (potstickers)

Here’s an easy vego dumpling combo that’s warming for winter with ginger and white pepper, sweet with cabbage and carrot, and umami rich, thanks to shiitake mushrooms and soy. You’ll find dumpling wrappers in the refrigerated section of most grocery stores and supermarkets these days – but if yours aren’t forthcoming, your local Asian grocer […]

Tray bake pumpkin wedge rice salad

I love a pumpkin wedge because of the drama it brings to the table. When cooking for a crowd, pumpkin’s a helpful hero for vego guests, because you can treat it much like a big hunk of meat by roasting until burnished and softened through the middle. You can even ‘marinate’ it, as I’ve done, […]

Butternut, spinach & ricotta conchiglioni

Butternut squash innards lend themselves to the ‘add one more’ principle of veg-cookery. If you’ve got it, add it! Ricotta is a wonderfully versatile ingredient. My preference is for the hunks of hefty wheel you can pick up from the deli counter by weight, rather than most of those that you’ll find in a tub. […]

Spiced pumpkin scrunch pie

One advantage of publishing my books across multiple countries is that I get to learn just how differently different parts of the world treat their produce – and sometimes the differences can be quite curious. While Aussies choose to use our pumpkins from raw, often purchasing as halves or wedges, most of the pumpkins grown […]

Homemade pumpkin seeds

If you’ve ever scooped out the seeds of a pumpkin or butternut squash and had every intention of making your own pumpkin seeds for snacking, here’s an easy method that’ll work every time. Unlike sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds’ shells are softer and easier to gnaw through, so there’s no need to nip them off before […]

Hot cross bun bread and butter pudding

Easter is often a time of excess. Too many easter eggs, too many people in the house, too much (or never enough!) time on your hands – that sort of thing. If you’ve spotted the half-eaten, slightly stale and sad buns and loaves looking over at you forlornly from the bread-basket, consider custard. Bread and […]