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G’day! I’m Alice – otherwise known as Alice in Frames – because I love a funky spec, and a pun!

Growing up at the crossroads of Europe & Asia, in Tbilisi, Georgia, my family’s kitchen was always led by what we could grow and how we could make the most of what we had. Emigrating to Australia meant that a whole world of flavours and cuisines were added to my repertoire, but the principles of veg-forward/thrifty-thinking remains.

I’ve written three award-winning cookbooks:

Alice’s Food A-Z to help kids get curious about food

In Praise of Veg to help households fall in love with vegetables

and The Joy of Better Cooking to help build cooking confidence. 

So I guess you could say I love helping people!

I used to be a Middle School teacher, which is why you’ll always feel like you’re learning something from my recipes, and I’ve even created a free digital toolkit called Phenomenom that’s used by thousands of parents and teachers all across the world.

These days you’ll find me as the food guru for our national broadcaster here in Australia, writing for major publications, hosting live events and in-conversations with global culinary and cultural superstars, as well as helming a Saturday Breakfast program on the radio, waking up my fellow Melbournians with a spring in their step and a smile on their dial.

I’m always happy to field questions, and love to hear from you when you’re cooking my recipes – no matter whether you find them on my socials, in my books, or via my television and radio appearances.

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Alice Zaslavsky is your tiny kitchen friend. Open the fridge and oop!—there she is, ready to help you make something delicious. 


Her new range, ‘by Alice’, is set to make the kitchen your favourite room in the house. 


Tumami is your little secret weapon for your pantry. This life-changing spread combines the bright tang of organic Aussie tomatoes with the caramelised funk of black garlic. It’s super concentrated, so it packs maximum punch. And it can do anything. It’s the most important thing to happen to food since salt in desserts.

“I might just be lying in the plane eating it. I begin to worry I’m not taking back enough.”

Nigella Lawson



Phenomenom is a free digital toolkit for teachers, jam-packed with springboard episodes and lesson plans, designed to tickle students’ tastebuds for learning.

Food doesn't just open mouths, it opens minds too

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Alice Zaslavsky is an award-winning author, broadcaster and Vegelante.


Born in Tbilisi, Georgia at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Alice grew up with a cuisine that reaches for the veg first; it’s no surprise then, that this is at the heart of her food philosophy, helping others across the world do the same through her books, radio & television work and columns.


She is the author of international best-seller, James Beard finalist and ABIA award-winning kitchen bible In Praise of Veg, kids’ fun food fact book Alice’s A to Z, and cooking confidence unlocker The Joy of Better Cooking. Alice is the long-time Culinary Correspondent for ABC News Breakfast and ABC Radio nationally, and host of Saturday Breakfast on ABC Radio Melbourne. Her Guardian column ‘You’ve Got This’ encourages cooks of all abilities to get into the kitchen, and use what they’ve got – be it ingredient, skill, or gadget.


She’s also the creator of the innovative digital food literacy tool kit Phenomenom, which helps to connect kids with food in meaningful ways through entirely free resources for teachers and parents.


Alice lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband, Nick, and their daughter, Hazel (otherwise known as The Nut). You’ll find her on the socials as @aliceinframes.

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