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Bean & avocado salad with lime dressing

One complaint from vego eaters at Christmas is that there isn’t enough planty protein on the table, or that they don’t feel satisfied at the end of the meal. This salad is full of the benefits of beans, and you can use whatever beans you have in the pantry, or cook from scratch using dried […]

Pineapple-kimchi salad

Have you ever eaten too much pineapple, and eventually gotten to a point where you feel like the pineapple is eating you? That’s because it kind of is! Pineapple contains an enzyme called Papain that breaks down proteins – which is great to know when you’re tenderising meat and seafood, and also something to note […]

JAZZ-y apple slaw with honey and poppyseed dressing

Jazz music, like salad, benefits from variety. In theformer, you get it from pacing – rhythm changes up and down to create acrescendo or soothe the ears with a slow sequence. In the latter, texturalchanges and plenty of colour and movement in the ingredients provide the eaterwith enough interest to come in again and again. […]

envy™ apple and tuna tartar with dill & chive oil and macadamia cream

This is a plate that really knows how to luxuriate in the finer things; from the velvetiness of macadamia cream, to the buttery sashimi-grade tuna, the vibrant green oil, and of course, the sweet, sophisticated flavour of envy™. It’s the perfect apple to team with salads, crudités and entrées like this, where you need the […]

No-bake beet salad with rainbow labneh balls from In Praise of Veg

I probably shouldn’t bring attention to this, but there are way too many beetroot salads in this book. I’m actually a bit addicted to them. I love the way beetroot can change texture, from soft and syrupy in a bake, to firm and al dente when served like this – and the colour alone gives […]

Kohlrabi Waldorf salad from In Praise of Veg

The man widely credited for this iconic salad – Oscar Tschirky, the Waldorf-Astoria’s long-time maître d’hôtel at the turn of the 20th century – deemed it necessary to include the following extremely specific instruction in the original recipe, which is only three sentences long: ‘Be very careful not to let any seeds of the apple […]

Broad bean, asparagus and soba noodle salad

Cold noodles, crispy rice paper wrappers – toss these textures on their heads with a bit of kitchen science. Shocking the noodles in boiling water keeps their texture toit, not slimy, while frying the rice paper wrappers sizzles the starch, curling and crisping them into puffy crackers. I usually fry a batch of these whenever […]

Grape and pearl cous cous salad

Grapes -particularly those with a good tang, make for a terrific addition to savoury salads – think of them like autumn’s cherry tomatoes. Pearl cous cous, otherwise known as Israeli cous cous, is actually more akin to pasta in the way that it’s made and cooked, and provides the perfect texture and toothsomeness to play […]

Nectarine & rocket salad with cheat’s caramelised balsamic

Rocket, stone fruit, parmesan – it’s such a classic combination, particularly when it’s paired with a drizzle of syrupy sweet dark vinegar. But shelling out a pretty penny for aged or caramelised balsamic can feel like money down the drain, considering how quickly it gets used up. This cheat’s method, which speeds up the process […]

Salat Olivie

This classic creamy potato salad is a staple of the Russian feast table (especially on new year’s eve), and a great way of using up what’s left of your Christmas lunch. Indeed, its popularity in households throughout the Soviet Union was the versatility of its ingredients: stuff in tins, leftover meat or seafood, boiled carrots […]