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Parsley & Garlic (PG) paste pasta

You can use whatever pasta you have to hand – but I find that loopy long strands work best with a loose sauce like this. Build on the base with whatever you have to hand – whether that’s chilli flakes for a bit of heat, or the zest and juice of lemon from the garden. […]

Prawn, macadamia & asparagus stir-fry

What I love most about this stir-fry is how quickly everything comes together. By the time you’ve rinsed your jasmine rice and got it cooking away, the prawns will have ‘velveted’ (a technique that brings the bounce factor to everything from seafood to sizzling beef ), and the rest of the ingredients will be ready […]

Eggplant kharcho with Georgian gremolata

Kharcho (like a sneeze!) is Georgia’s answer to congee, a gloriously gloopy, soupy mix of rice and broth that usually has a lamb or beef base. I’ve turned it totally plant-based by using one of nature’s meatiest veg: eggplant. You could stir any left-over wet-fried mushrooms through instead, or as well as. Layered with cooked, […]

Lentil pasta

In Italy, lentils are served on new year’s eve to symbolise prosperity, thanks to their round, coin-like shape. Pasta e Lenticchie, or lentil pasta (not to be confused with pasta made of lentil flour!) is a delicious, hearty, option that’s also very cost-effective, as lentils are a rich source of plant-based protein. I’ve used rotelle […]

Thyme, Cream & Olive Oil Pizzacia

I’m calling it a pizzacia because the dough is a bit of an in-between, and the topping is focaccia-ey. Whatever you want to call it, make it… it's deeeelish!

Saffron orzo with charred deli artichokes

Some dishes are family heirlooms, others happy accidents, while some are simply divine inspiration. This one is the latter. And when I say ‘divine’, I truly mean it. Saffron and globe artichoke are two of Greece's (many!) gastronomic gifts to the world. If you’re to believe Greek mythology, it’s Zeus himself we have to thank […]

Beetroot & tears pasta

There’s something very borsch-y about this pasta. Think of it as half-dip, half-pasta sauce… a beetroot pesto, with a spike of (optional but very invigorating) vodka for funk. Use whatever soft nuts you have in the pantry (incidentally, if you still have any nuts left in the pantry, put them in the fridge/freezer – they’ll […]

Veg scrap soup with leftover bread dumplings

You know how I keep telling you to save your veg scraps in the freezer? Here’s what to do with them! Everything from root vegetable peelings, to odds and ends you couldn’t grate without losing a fingertip (ie. carrot and parsnip nubs), celery bases, fennel stalks, leeks tops, onion and garlic skins, ginger stubs, denuded […]

Braised leek with blue cheese crumb

This feels like a super retro combo … because it IS! Leek, with its pungency and sweetness, really loves a bit of crumbly blue cheese action, and the sweet currants are like little pops of syrupy surprise, capped off with a crispy panko crumb. Here, most of the prep time is spent swanning past the […]

Forest floor fry-up

One of my strongest memories of autumn is going mushroom picking with my parents in Victoria’s High Country, then spending the afternoon pinching pine needles off slippery jacks and saffron milk caps (a.k.a. pine mushrooms) with great anticipation for dinner, where any ’shrooms that didn’t end up in pickle jars would be fried up with […]