Audaciously achievable and delicious vegetable forward recipes from Australia’s friendliest voice in food

Wet-fry mushroom noodles_1_1

Wet-fry mushroom noodles

MYO chilli oil_1_1

MYO chilli oil

Pan confit tomate_1_1

Pan confit tomate

The ‘any kind of onion’ tarte tatin_1_1

The ‘any kind of onion’ tarte tatin

Swede spiral tian with balsamic glaze_1_1

Swede spiral tian with balsamic glaze

Silverbeet Khachapuri_1_1

Silverbeet khachapuri

The Joy of Better Cooking

This vibrant kitchen manual contains stacks of veg-forward recipes that you’ll want to cook on a weekly basis, but the real gold lies in the handy kitchen skills and know-how that will help build the foundations for a lifetime of better cooking.


“Deliciously fun, informative and simply makes me smile. Joyful indeed!”​

Yotam Ottolenghi

In Praise of Veg

The definitive guide to making vegetables the centre of the plate. For the vegetarian or just veg-forward, In Praise of Veg is the most ambitious and comprehensive reference on the topic, as well as the delicious answer to the age-old question: what are we eating?

“A very good book which richly deserves all the accolades.”
Stephanie Alexander,
Australian culinary doyenne

Hi there. I’m Alice and I love cooking and connecting over food. Let’s hang out!

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