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Frozen fruit yoghurt pops

Servings: 14
If you’ve ever tried to make frozen yoghurt at home, you’ll know its biggest enemy is the water content of that yoghurt - it freezes at a different temperature and pace to the creamy component, and forms ice crystals that aren’t so fun. That’s why hanging the yoghurt overnight to make labneh (or hung yoghurt) before folding through the fruit is such a good idea - it’s fun to watch, AND makes for a nicer mouthfeel on the other end. Kids will have fun seeing the separation, and it’s a great way of experimenting with changing states of matter - runny yoghurt becomes firmer with the loss of liquid, then freezes to solid overnight. Strawberries are fun to squish between (clean!) squidgy palms, but also with a fork if you’d prefer to mitigate the mess. If you’d prefer to keep this dairy free, coconut yoghurt will work, but you’ll still find it’s more icy than the dairy version. If using natural yoghurt, add a couple of tablespoons of maple syrup and a teaspoon of vanilla extract to make the flavours sing.


  • 1 kg vanilla or natural yoghurt
  • 2 punnets strawberries can use frozen berries if you have them


  • Pop the yoghurt into a sieve, lined with clean kitchen cloth or cheesecloth, and leave it to drain overnight (12-ish hours if you start this in the morning) over a clean bowl.
  • Get the kids to mash the strawberries using their fists, a fork, or a few pulses on the blender, then stir through the hung yoghurt.
  • Transfer evenly across the muffin tin, then stick a paddlepop stick into the centre of each.
  • Place into the freezer overnight to set. To remove, warm the base of the muffin tray with your palm until the cup releases.

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