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Sago Christmas pudding

The notion of dietary-friendly cooking may be relatively new, but leaning on old ideas borne out of austerity is one way to make their bare necessities our own. Sago has actually been used in puddings like this from the turn of the 19th century as a way of lightening a dense Northern Hem dish into […]

Fennel seed sugar shortbread coins

These make a perfect bomboniere or festive gift, whatever you’re celebrating, whether it’s Christmas, Chanukah or even Chrismukah (especially Chrismukah!). Treating the dough as you would a log of gnocchi, slicing off 2cm rounds, then flattening into coin-shaped biscuits, is a brill way of baking bite-sized ‘coins’ for Chanukah ‘Gelt’ (usually made of chocolate, but […]

Upside down pineapple cake

This is a gluten-free riff on the classic 1970’s Golden Circle Cookbook pineapple cake, with a maraschino cherry and golden syrup caramel that flings it into the 21st Century. Gluten-free flour can vary, and I prefer the brands that put more potato and tapioca starch in rather than going heavy on the cornstarch. Check the […]

Golden bundt cake

When we were photographing this cake, I sent some home with my publisher, whose daughter declared, ‘It doesn’t taste like a vegetable cake?’, which I would agree with – because most of the time, people who put vegetables in a cake do it surreptitiously, trying to ‘sneak in a serve’. Here, patty pan squash – […]

Pandan-avocado coconut sorbet

Avocados were prized for their creamy flesh and nutty flavour by the aztecs, and were even considered a lucky charm in the fertility stakes. Now, teaming avos with what is often described as ‘the vanilla of Southeast Asia’ may seem an unusual combo, but if you think about it, with its flesh naturally verdant colour […]

Frozen fruit yoghurt pops

If you’ve ever tried to make frozen yoghurt at home, you’ll know its biggest enemy is the water content of that yoghurt – it freezes at a different temperature and pace to the creamy component, and forms ice crystals that aren’t so fun. That’s why hanging the yoghurt overnight to make labneh (or hung yoghurt) […]

Coconut rough crackle cups

This is a super fun, bake-free ‘cup-cake’ that’s also free of a bunch of stuff you’d expect to see in a cuppy dessert: refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free AND nut free! You’ll find rice puffs in the health food section at the shops, or if you’ve already got them in the […]

Queen Hera’s honey cake

In Greek mythology, bees were the messengers of the gods, honey a source of wisdom and poetry, and saffron the blood of a fair and gentle youth. What this has to do with cake is dicey, but let’s go with the convenient notion that the Greek gods were also very into feasting, and this slab […]

Yello® Sharlotka apple cake

This cake will take you right back to your childhood, your nanna’s kitchen (or in my case, my Babushka’s), and it may just change the way you bake apple cakes forever. Think of it as an upside-down, upside-down cake! Sharlotka’s origins go all the way back to the kitchens of French pastry chef Marie-Antoine Carême, […]