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Spiced honey roasted almonds and cashews

Nuts are such a handy snack to put out on Christmas day while the riff-raff arrive. Bring a bag of these spiced nuts along, and the host will sing hallelujah! Use whatever nut mix you’ve got handy, or go all in on the one variety. Whatever floats your boat. If you’d prefer to keep these […]

Parsley & Garlic (PG) paste easy Pampushki garlic breads

Pampushki are Ukraine’s answer to dinner rolls – yeasted mini buns that go perfectly with Borsch, slathered with plenty of butter and garlic. You can fake a fresh-baked batch with bakery dinner rolls, dabbed with PG paste, and dotted with butter cubes. If your dinner rolls are fresh, there’s no need to refresh them, but […]

You do you garlic cob fondue

For this pseudo-fondue you’re looking for a brie or camembert-style cheese, but there’s no need to splash out — warming any cheese, even if it’s on the econo-end, will make it taste way better and bougier than if you serve it at room temp with creaky crackers. Because the heat mellows out flavour, and older […]

Ultimate cheesy garlic bread bake

I know you might scan this recipe and baulk at the thought of 16 cloves of garlic in just one dish – particularly as it looks like a good one to take to parties. BUT if you were to break this down per person, it’s only two garlic cloves – which is quite manageable, and […]

Tropical fruit dipping salt with pepperberry

You’ll find street vendors selling tropical fruits such as pineapple, pomelo, papaya, or mango, with chilli salt dippers all across South America and South East Asia. I’ve taken inspiration from this hot-sour-salty-sweet combination and added an endemic Australian ingredient: native pepperberry! Tasmanian pepperberry – or Mountain Pepper, is more like sichuan peppercorns in its numbing, […]

Pineapple pizza scrolls

People have very strong opinions about whether pineapple belongs on pizza, and to them I say: don’t know it ‘til you try it! I love the way that pineapple cuts through the richness of cheesy pizza. While ham and pineapple go hand in hand (or is that ham in hand?), I’ve kept these vego, incorporating […]

Grilled teriyaki pineapple

One of the most iconic dishes of the last decade was Heston Blumenthal’s rotisserie pineapple at his fine-diner Dinner by Heston in Melbourne. The pineapple slowly spun about on rotisserie skewers, caramelised and glistening. Pineapple is porous enough to absorb whatever flavours tickle your fancy, and while Heston’s were glazed and served with a Tipsy […]

Oladiki pancakes with sour cherries

Oladiki (oh-lah-dzi-ki) are Eastern Europe’s answer to buttermilk pancakes. They’re puffy, fluffy and everything you’d hope for from a hotcake stack, as well as a really great way of using up any ‘dodgy’ dairy in the fridge. Growing up, Mum would chuck everything from sour cream to yoghurt, ricotta, quark and cottage cheese in these. […]

Rosemary mini focaccias (fuffins)

This is a terrific way of having fresh focaccia on tap – simply bake them once, then pop into the freezer, and refresh in the oven each time you’re ready for another go. It’s also an excellent school holiday activity in weights and measures. This is a 660g ball of dough. If using a 6-cup […]

Nori cups with avocado and furikake

One of the best things to come out of the ubiquity of social media is how quickly food trends zip around the world. These nori cups, which are a play on the viral “salmon sushi muffins” are a nifty lunchtime treat, particularly for households who already love sushi, but don’t necessarily want to faff about […]