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Seventies dinner party sprouts

The title of this dish is codswallop, actually – these sprouts are extremely unlikely to have featured at a 70s dinner party, seeing as this era still saw green stuff boiled into oblivion, and because these parties were about showcasing flavours and ingredients that weren’t your run of the mill weeknight meat-n-three. Like, say: soy […]

Devilled tuna egg sandwiches

This combo is inspired by a Zaslavsky family classic, which almost always means ‘things from tins, heavy on the spices’. I’ve zhuzhed it up by keeping the boiled eggs a little runnier, so that the yolks add richness to our mayonnaise base, but if your eggs boil hard, just consider it ‘staying true to the […]

Hasselback butternut squash with cherry tomato tumble

Here’s a show-stopping main that’s going to satisfy vegan eaters at the table, particularly when paired with the bean salad. You’ve probably already got a PG (parsley & garlic) paste in the fridge or freezer, or if you haven’t, this’ll give you a good excuse. It’ll use half a batch’s worth, so if you can […]

MYO chilli oil from The Joy of Better Cooking

You’ll notice I’ve popped some tomato paste in the chilli oil, which may seem wild at first glance, but once you try it with this decidedly inauthentic umami-rich addition, you won’t go back. For best effect, make the chilli oil at least the night before.

Cherry Chutney From Highpoint Christmas

I’ve all but given up on glazing hams, and much prefer serving great quality ham sliced straight off the bone with an accompanying chutney. Cherries, bubbles, along with the sorts of spices you’d expect in a fruit cake or mince tart are evocative and inviting – and so very festive. The prosecco is very optional […]