Peach & Earl Grey compote

Peach is the spongiest of stone fruits, and the one most susceptible to collapse, so take full advantage of both of these traits by simmering and infusing with aromats for a great way of using up squashy peaches and those earl grey tea bags at the back of the cupboard.

Confit chilli tomatoes

The best way to describe these would be like an instant pop of passata in your mouth in every tomato. When tomatoes are abundant, consider making a bunch and freezing the excess in batches, capturing a little summer sunshine in every container. These cherry tomatoes make for an incredible addition to pasta sauces, on top […]

Bright basil oil

If you’re watching your basil with anticipation, this recipe might give you something to do with it beyond just tearing into salads. Green oils – or blended oils, like this one, are so useful to have in the larder. It’s a neat little chef trick that makes any dish look fancier, without too much fuss […]

MYO chilli oil from The Joy of Better Cooking

You’ll notice I’ve popped some tomato paste in the chilli oil, which may seem wild at first glance, but once you try it with this decidedly inauthentic umami-rich addition, you won’t go back. For best effect, make the chilli oil at least the night before.

Cherry Chutney From Highpoint Christmas

I’ve all but given up on glazing hams, and much prefer serving great quality ham sliced straight off the bone with an accompanying chutney. Cherries, bubbles, along with the sorts of spices you’d expect in a fruit cake or mince tart are evocative and inviting – and so very festive. The prosecco is very optional […]