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Ambrosia™ + cheese!

I like to think of myself as a ‘smarter, not harder’ kind of cook. This means that when it comes to combining flavours or devising dishes, I’m very happy to let the experts do the heavy lifting – whether that’s producers, artisans, mongers, makers and, of course, growers.
What strikes me most about an apple like Ambrosia™, is that it really doesn’t require anything done to it to make it delicious. It’s already fantastically fragrant, with a crisp-yet-juicy texture and honeyed, rounded flavour.
Consider this a serving suggestion – nay, beseechment, to give this classic combo a go next time you’re after a mid-afternoon snack, or looking to lighten up your cheese-board.


  • Ambrosia™ apples
  • Cheese including mild blue, cheddar, soft or washed rind cheese


  • Another appealing attribute about Ambrosia™ that makes it perfect for slicing into ‘crackers’ is that it’s got a surprisingly small core. Slice from the base and you’ll manage many more slices before you hit it than you think! It also takes longer to brown, so you could happily leave it out without acidulation on the table, if served within the hour.
  • Cheddar and apple are a marvellous match, as is any kind of soft or washed rind cheese. I’ve teamed this one with a mild Victorian blue, and the lot was gone in 10 minutes… snaffled up by the glam squad and me – it’s a wonder we made it to the last shot, really.


Alice is a proud Montague partner.

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