G’day I’m Alice

Otherwise known as Alice in Frames – because I love a funky spec, and a pun!

I believe that food has the power to open minds – as well as hearts, and that learning to connect with food is achievable for anyone, with the right teacher.

Growing up at the crossroads of Europe & Asia, in Tbilisi, Georgia, my family’s kitchen was always led by what we could grow and how we could make the most of what we had. Emigrating to Australia meant that a whole world of flavours and cuisines were added to my repertoire, but the principles of veg-forward/thrifty-thinking remains.

You may be here because you’ve seen a recipe of mine on the telly, or heard me talking about food on the radio – or perhaps you’re already the proud custodian of one (or some!) of my cookbooks! Or maybe you just Googled potato peel crisps or zucchini fritters and landed here like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz!

What you’ll discover

Paragraph about family, food philosophy and the what the recipes are going to offer the person, perhaps in dot point (remember that the recipes from now on, except for NBK, are exclusively veg-forward)

  • Some dot points



I’ve written three award-winning cookbooks:

  • Alice’s Food A-Z to help kids get curious about food
  • In Praise of Veg to help households fall in love with vegetables
  • and Better Cooking to help build cooking confidence. 

So I guess you could say I love helping people!


I used to be a Middle School teacher, which is why you’ll always feel like you’re learning something from my recipes, and I’ve even created a free digital toolkit called Phenomenom that’s used by thousands of parents and teachers all across the world.

Food doesn’t just open mouths, it opens minds too

I’m always happy to field questions, and love to hear from you when you’re cooking my recipes – no matter whether you find them on my socials, in my books, or via my television and radio appearances.

Meet Lemon

Yep, Lemon is my real name, and just like my citrusy namesake, I add a tangy twist to life’s juiciest moments! Whether it’s zesting up conversations or adding a burst of flavor to everyday meals, this Lemon is here to squeeze out the fun and leave a refreshing impression wherever I go! So, ready to embark on a zest-filled journey? Let’s turn life’s lemons into lemonade together!

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